About the Program


The Brit Milah Program of Reform Judaism is governed by the Brit Milah Board of Reform Judaism.  Responsibilities include producing and sponsoring Brit Milah courses, screening candidates to ensure that qualified medical professionals enroll into courses offered, overseeing the functionality of the program, and monitoring the qualifications of the certified Reform mohalim. 

The board consists of the following people:

  • Certified Mohalim
  • Rabbinic Co-Chair
  • The Immediate Past Chair 

Ex-Officio members include:

  • Some Immediate Past Board Members


Brit Milah Board of Reform Judaism

Executive Committee:

Chair: Michael Miller, DO

Co-chair: Rabbi Karen Thomashow

Vice chair:  Dr. Emily Blake 

Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. David Oppenheim

Immediate past chair: Dr. Jack Langer

Board Members:

Dr. Steve Adashek

Janet Lefkowitz, DO

Dr. Michael Rosenfeld

Dr. Judy Fried Seigel



Dr. Michael Blum

Dr. Dorothy Greenbaum

Dr. Barry Meisel



Visit the contact page to contact the Chair or Co-Chair of the Brit Milah Board.