Brit Milah Program of Reform Judaism


The Brit Milah Program of Reform Judaism seeks to make the traditional practice of berit mila available to Jewish families as a meaningful and relevant Jewish life-cycle ritual.

One of our primary activities is the training and certification of Reform mohalim to perform milah. The Brit Milah Program provides the religious training and education for qualified medical practitioners who have the medical skills, experience, and expertise to perform circumcision. The mohalim certified by our program combine their preexisting knowledge of the circumcision procedure with a sense of connection to our Jewish history through ritual, prayer and the warmth of gathered family, infusing berit mila with meaning and making it a beautiful part of each family’s life-cycle rituals.

Additionally, Reform mohalim are inclusive, recognizing the diversity of families within the Jewish community, serving many families which Orthodox mohalim wouldn’t serve. Whether it is a family in which the mother has converted to Judaism, an interfaith family, or a family in the LGBT community, the Brit Milah Program recognizes that families of all types are committed to Jewish life and living.