Reform Responsa


Adopted child/ren,
and their biological parents XCIII(1983), 196-198 (CARR 57-59)
born non-Jews, status of in Jewish family LXVI(1956) 107-110 (ARR)
changing Hebrew name of, after b'rit milah, XCVIII (1988) 155-156 (JRJ, Fall 1988, 71-72; NARR 187-188)
conversion for RR21 no. 5759.1
necessary steps for conversion LXXXIX(1979) 112-115 (ARR 203-207)
special Hebrew names for LXXXIX(1979) 112-115 (ARR 203-207)
specific ritual for Hebrew naming of LXXXIX(1979) 112-115 (ARR 203-207)
status (`Jewishness') of NARR 185-187
status of, in Judaism LXXXIX(1979) 112-115 (ARR 203-207), TFN no.5753.12 201-207
Adoption RR 200-206
an adopted Asian child RR21 no. 5760.9
and mixed marriage CARR 61
baptism of adopted child before (see Baptism)
by kohanim CoRR 145-150
of children of mixed races CuRR 196-199
status of in Judaism LXXXIX(1979) 112-115 (ARR 203-207), TFN no.5753.12 201-207
two problems CoRR 86-90

and circumcision NARR 164-165

Apostate (see also "Messianic Jew/s"),
circumcising son of TRR 64-65
patrilineal descent and apostasy RR21 no. 5758.11

Artificial insemination 218-222 (LXII:1952; 123-128; ARR 500-504 (and))
     RR 2l7-218
and the Israeli Chief Rabbinate HaArets 5/14/85
child born through CARR 291-292
Jewish donor for TRR 125-127
with mixed semen NRR 202-204
two questions TRR 102-103

and b'rit milah (see B'rit milah, and baptism)
and educating child as a Jew NARR 176-177
and Jewish status RR21 no. 5759.2
of child before adoption by Jewish couple RRR 97-99
of Christian by a Jewish hospital chaplain TFN no.5755.9 153-158
of dying Catholic infant, by Jewish nurse RRR 67-72
Baptized Jewish girl,
return of to Judaism JRJ, Fall 1986, 69-70 (CARR 99-101)

Bar Mitzvah 5-8 (XXIII:1913, 170-173; 183-185; ARR 79-82)
of uncircumcized boy LXXVI(1966) 79-80 (CuR 107-109; ARR 89-91)

dates of RRR 148-149
Born circumcized (see Nolad mahul)
Bottle feeding RRR 226-230
Breast-feeding RRR 226-230
kinship affected by MRR 308-312

B'rit Mila CARR 48
and AIDS NARR 164-165
and baptism NARR 173-174
and caesarean TRR 92-94, NARR 153-155RR21 no. 5768.4
and induced labor affecting date of NARR 155-156
anesthesia for NARR 163-164
anesthetic for LXXV(1965) 98-101 (CuRR 103-106; ARR 146-149)
before the eigth day RR 90-96, ARR 145-146(see below `not on the eighth day')
changing Hebrew name of adopted child after (see Hebrew name, changing...)
delayed, on Shabbat TFN no.5755.12CARR 165-168
doubts about Soviet NARR 165-166
Elijah and NARR 169-170
for adult converts 39-57 (III:1893, 69-95; ARR 216-237)
     RRT 71-79
for child of unmarried couple NRR 58-61
for child of unmarried mother CuRR 100-102, NARR 151-153
for children of mixed marriages RRR 99-104, MRR 165-169
for dead child RR 96-99
for infants XCII(1982) 218-219 (ARR 141-143)
for Jewish adult RR 100-105
for "Messianic Jews" or "Jewish Christians" XCVIII (1988) 158-159 (NARR 175)
for orphan RRR 91-93
for twins TRR 70-73
horror of, by prospective adult ger TRR 54-58
in the evening NARR 159-161
in the synagogue NARR 158-159
Moslem, rabbi or mohel at (see Rabbi or Mohel)
non-Jew as kvatter at XCVII (1987) 184-85 (NARR 167-169)
not on the eigth day LXIV(1954) 78-79 (CCARJ, January 1954, 38-39; ARR 143-144;
   for a dissenting view see CCARJ, June 1954, 41-42) (see above 'before the eighth day')
on Shabbat, of child born by caesarean NARR 153-155
plate NARR 170
requirement of minyan for NARR 157
role of Godfather in CARR 49-51
who may perform a RR 105-111
without parental consent XCIX(1989) 243-244 (NARR 149-151)

of miscarriages, stillborn children and infants CARR 167-168

Caesarean section,
and b'rit milah (see B'rit milah, and caesarean)
on a dead woman RR 213-214
     LXXXII(1972) 51-53 (ARR 274-276)
     CoRR 212-216
on a dying woman RR 214-217

adoptive, marriage of TRR 121-123
attendance at Christian service RR 115-117
burial of a young (see Burial, of a young child)
Christian (of mixed marriage), in religious school NARR 139-141
circumcising, of an apostate mother TRR 64-65
custody of RR 209-212
     (see also Adoption RR 200-206 and discussion in Bar Mitsvah, stepfather at RR 32-34)
feeding of RRR 226-230
Japanese Jewish CARR 87-88
named after non-Jewish grandparents MRR 134-137
naming, without mentioning a father TFN no.5752.1 239-240
naming of 131-166 (XLII:1932, 316-360; ARR 151-193)
naming of, of unmarried mother CoRR 91-97
     TRR 23-25
naming of, orphan RRR 91-93
naming of, when circumcision is delayed RRR 94-97
non-Jew raising Jewish XCIII(1983), 200-201 (CARR 69-70)
of Messianic Jews (see Messianic Jews)
of a mixed marriage, hatafat dam b'rit for a 3-yr old, C, Summer 1993, 45-52 (TFN no.5752.2 241-248)
of mixed marriage, naming a child of TFN no.5755.2 249
of mixed marriage (see Mixed marriage; see above `Christian')
of two religious traditions NARR 138-139
preferential treatment of, in estate XCVIII (1988) 156-158 NARR 387-390)
raised in two religions TFN no.5754.3 263-264
raised in two religious traditions XCIV(1984), 172-173 (CARR 98-99)
responsibility of, to parents XCII(1982) 207-209 (ARR 139-141)
severely retarded, parental obligation to CARR 298-300
sexuality of a maturing (see Sexuality)
status of ARR 441-445
status of, assuring NARR 205-206
status of, born to surrogate mother XCII(1982) 205-207 (ARR 505-507)
status of, genetically not Jewish (see Status, of child...)
status of, of doubtful religious background LXX(1960) 95-99
     (RRR 120-127)
     ARR 195-199
still-born, burial of (see Burial, of still-born...) 5772.3
support and unexpected Pregnancy 5772.3
support of parents (see Parents, children's...)
transfer of, to Christian Sunday school RRR 59-62
uncircumcised, naming of an CARR 49
unwanted NRR 239-242
with one Jewish parent, Hebrew name for JRJ, Fall 1985, 95-96

"according to halakhah" (meaning for Reform Jews) NARR 193-194
and Church membership RR 82-85
and marriage, after transsexual surgery C(1990) 167-170 (JRJ, Spring 1991, 69-73)
and marriage, after transsexual surgery TFN no.5750.8 191-196
and teenagers CARR 86-87
and the question of belief XCII(1982) 211-213 (ARR 209-211)
answers to Israel on CoRR 269-276
atheists and agnostics and TFN no.5754.15 147-152
beit din via videoconference 5773.3
circumcision for an eight-year-old convert RR21 no. 5756.13
circumcision and immersion RR21 no. 5756.13
conducted by layman CuRR 96-100
Conversion of a Male When Circumcision is Medically Risky 5774.7
course of study for NARR 194-196
dubious/questionable RRR 78-83
     CoRR 136-140
incomplete MRR 154-158
     NRR 75-78
Issues in the Conversion of Transgender People 5775.1
necessary steps for, by adopted children (see Adopted children)
not for the purpose of marriage RR 87-90
of a matrilineal Jew TFN no.5754.13 259-261
of mentally ill person RR21 no. 5758.7
of an infant whose parents are non-Jews CARR 80-81
of child NARR 196-197RR21 no. 5759.1
of child, with two non-Jewish parents NARR 200-201
of infants CuRR 80-83
of married person, when family members remain Christians CuRR 215-217, NYP RR21 no. 5760.5
of married woman RR 85-87
of married woman, when children remain Christian CuRR 110-112
of Negroes RRR 83-87
of young child CARR 83-85
of young child of a first marriage CARR 81-83
origin of miqvah for (see Miqvah, origin...)
rejecting one's (done as an) infant TFN no.5753.20 265-266
unprovable claims to RRR 87-91
     CuRR 219-220
without formal instruction XCII(1982) 209-211 (ARR 211-215)
with reservations CARR 92
     (see also Dow Marmur, "The Question of Ishut: Should there be minimal standards for conversion in Reform Judaism?", LXXXIX(1979), 148-163)

Dual religion family,
and patrilineal descent TFN no.5755.17 251-258

Hatafat dam berit,
for a three-year-old child of a mixed marriage CCARJ, Summer 1993 45-52 (TFN no.5752.2 241-248)
Hatafat Dam B'rit,
for a three-year old child of a mixed marriage, CCARJ, Summer 1993, 45-52

Hebrew name,
changing, of adopted child after b'rit milah, JRJ, Fall 1988, 71-72 (NARR 187-188)
changing of a CARR 53-54 CARR 54-56
for child with one Jewish parent JRJ, Fall 1985, 95-96
male and female NARR 179-180
of a convert (see Convert, name of a)
of a teenage convert NARR 184-185
selection of a NARR 178-179
two sets NARR 362-363
which are avoided TRR 109-113

In vitro fertilization,
and the mitzvah of childbearing RR21 no. 5758.3
and the status of the embryo RR21 no. 5757.2
with cousin's ova CARR 31-32
(see also Artificial insemination; Test-tube baby)

Jewish status,
baptism and RR21 no. 5759.2
presumption of RR21 no. 5760.2

non-Jew as, at b'rit mila XCVII (1987) 184-85 (NARR 167-169)

Mixed marriage,
and adoption CARR 61
and Reform Rabbis, "Responsa on Jewish Marriage: with special reference to Reform Rabbis
     and Mixed Marriage, Dr. Eugene Mihaly (Cincinnati, 1985: pamphlet)
blessing a TFN no.5754.10 237-238
child of, hatafat dam b'rit for CCARJ, Summer 1993, 45-52 (TFN no.5752.2 241-248)
children of 37-38 (XXIX:1919, 76-77; ARR 193-195; see also ARR, APPENDIX:
     Report of the Committee on Patrilineal Descent on the Status of Children of mixed marriage, 547-550)
funeral of child of TFN no.5751.7 267-269
hatafat dam b'rit for a three-year old child of, CCARJ, Summer 1993, 45-52
Jew married to a Gentile as a religious school teacher RR21 no. 5758.14
naming a child of TFN no.5755.2 249
on Temple premises MRR 108-115
prayer for couple contemplating ARR 465-466
Rabbi officiating at 192-193 (XXIX:1919, 75-76; ARR 466-467)
     XCII(1982) 213-215 (ARR 467-470)
Reform Judaism and XIX(1909) 271-335
     LVII(1947) 158-184
LXXXII(1972) 65-91
LXXXIII(1973) 59-97
XC(1980) 86-102 (ARR 445-465)
three generations of XCIV(1984), 173-174 (CARR 95-96)
twenty-fifth anniversary of a CARR 290-291
at Moslem circumcision CARR 51-53
at public services NARR 166-167
pressured NARR 161-163
woman doctor as RRT 90-94

for dying baby NARR 183-184
yiddish NARR 180-181

an uncircumcised child (see Child, uncircumcised..)
of child of a religiously-mixed lesbian couple RR21 no. 5758.2
of children (see Children)

Nolad mahul (born circumcized) 166-167 (XXVIII:1918, 117; XXIX:1919, 74-75, 86-87; ARR 149-151)

Not Yet in Print (responsa published by the Responsa Committee, but not yet in bound collections)
Circumcision for an Eight-Year-Old Convert NYP no. 5756.13
In Vitro Fertilization and the Status of the Embryo NYP no. 5757.2
Baby Naming for a Religiously-Mixed Lesbian Couple NYP no. 5758.2
In Vitro Fertilization and the Mitzvah of Childbearing NYP no. 5758.3
Conversion for Adopted Children NYP no. 5759.1
Baptism and Jewish Status NYP no. 5759.2
An Adopted Asian Child NYP no. 5760.9
Withholding Paternity Information from a Father NYP no. 5760.8
A Convert's Hebrew Name NYP no. 5760.6
Presumption of Jewish Identity NYP no. 5760.2
Human Stem Cell Research NYP no. 5761.7
A Hebrew Name For A Non-Jewish Parent NYP no. 5762.2
Including the Name of a Stepfather in One.s Jewish Name NYP no. 5765.8
Adoption, Conversion, and "Patrilineal" Descent NYP no. 5767.2
Caesarian and Circumcision NYP no. 5768.4
On Changing One's Jewish Name NYP no. 5768.5
Patrilineal Descent, Conversion, and the Rejection of Circumcision NYP no. 5769.4
Circumcision of a Transgender Female NYP no. 5769.6

circumcision of RRR 91-93
naming of RRR 91-93

biological, and adopted children (see Adopted children, and...) children's support of CARR 44-45
child support and unexpected pregnancy 5772.3
responsibility of children to XCII(1982) 207-209 (ARR 139-141) sending to nursing home
     (see Nursing home)
withholding paternity information from a father RR21 no. 5760.8

Patrilineal descent XCIV(1984), 174-179 (CARR 61-68)
and a questionable background CARR 68-69
and a questionable instance of NARR 196-197
and apostasy RR21 no. 5758.11

error by, damages for CARR 123-124
keeping truth from patient (see Patient, physician...)
and indigent patients TFN no.5754.18 373-380
Pidyon HaBen (redemption of the first-born son) JRJ, Winter 1989, 87-88 (NARR 188-190)
and kohanim NARR 191
possible, of second son RRT 266-270

at public services NARR 166-167

predetermination of 185-186 (LI:1941, 97-100; ARR 508-509)

Jewish, and mistaken identity CARR 71-72
Jewish, and the Ten Lost Tribes NARR 210-211
of a "Completed Jew" in the Jewish community JRJ, Winter 1985, 88-91 (CARR 109-112)
of adopted children (see Adopted children, status...)
of adoption (see Adoption, status...)
of child genetically not Jewish CARR 70-71
of children of mixed marriages (see Mixed marriage, children of)
of intermarried blended Soviet Jewish family CARR 94-95
of Russian immigrant couple with mixed background CARR 93-94
     (see also Soviet Jews)
of uncircumcized retarded adult (see Retarded adult)
pretense of Jewish NARR 212-213

Surrogate mother XCII(1982) 205-207 (ARR 505-507)

Test-tube baby, NRR 205-212
     CARR 29-30
(see also Artificial insemination; In vitro fertilization)

Tipat dam NARR 171-172

Transplantation LXXVIII(1968) 118-121 (CuRR 118-125; ARR 291-296)
of ovum RRT 215
     NRR 213-218 (includes discussion of resulting child's lineage)